Wecome to CSR St Paul

Wecome to CSR St Paul

Wecome to CSR St PaulWecome to CSR St Paul

We're asking questions, and creating comprehensive lists to help people navigate Community, Services, & Resources.


CSR MN Forums


This website is a separate online space dedicated to providing and facilitating community news, information and discussion about any given subject.  We will start the topics & lead discussions.  This forums site is for the overall state of Minnesota.

Podbean Podcasts


 Podbean is one of the Podcast social media sites online.  This site hosts digital audio content for distribution and sharing.  Playlists will be created and embedded here on this official site. 

This Channel has yet to be created

Sponsors welcome... needed!

Facebook Page


 Facebook is arguably the most popular social media site online.  With Personal Profiles, Business Pages, and Community Groups.  It is the more comprehensive of all the social media. 

We use this profile to reach out to the community.

Twitter Feed


Twitter is also arguably the second largest social media site online. A much simpler site, it is much more for sharing shorter messages, and links to content posted elsewhere.

Instagram Profile


 Instagram is more of a photo and video clip social media site.  It gives us one more platform to share our information, and invited volunteers. 

YouTube Channel


 YouTube is by far the most visited Video channel online.  Here we will post videos that help articulate what we're doing and share more information about our listings. 

Meet Up Group


 Meet Up is all about using Social Media as a tool to physically get together.  This platform seems made for our Project goals supporting in-person Community Meetings, Truth and Reality.

Sponsors needed... $15/mo.